Thursday, February 28, 2013

Uttryck! 2013

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm taking part as an illustrator in this magazine called Uttryck. It's a bunch of students at KTH in Stockholm publishing it as a school project. It's sort of a tradition to make this magazine, but this year they have made some changes, and personally I think they have make this project much more interesting for the public.
My task in this project is to make one illustration each for two articles and one for the first page/index. My first thought? Crap.
I have until the 15th of March to finish all this and I still haven't got the articles or info about the index! Honestly, I said to myself before I got to know what I was supposed to to that I wouldn't try to make something New and Super Fabulous for this project and now I'm glad for that. I won't have time to put that much effort into something. I'll go safe and come out alive, not like some kind of hero or role model.

Read more about the project here and wish me good luck~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Right Now

Right now my life is boxes and internship.

During the days I'm at House of Radon, drawing endless cell animation and getting these type of scars again. I like being at Radon, everyone is nice, the food is awesome and I like absorbing and watching what everybody around me are doing. Yesterday I found out that I'm allowed to be there for one more month, YAY!!

When I get home I'm surrounded by boxes.. This Monday I moved to a new apartment and it feels like there is a war- and I'm the one loosing. Today when I got home I was got so angry at all the boxes that I just tore them open, filled closets with stuff, moving things from one box to another in order to get rid of some boxes!

Since February id such a boring month, I'm thinking of combining it with Marsh, so be patient if you're waiting for the Daily Picture project to be updated! I'm getting there, box by box, frame by frame..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Random

"Poise&Pen is a fashion and illustration collaboration between two friends, born out of our mutual interest in clothes and art. Haley poses, Babs draws."

Love this project!! I've been following Babs' work for some time now and this got me really exited when I first read about it. Now when there's more stuff up on the site, I thought I'd share it~
Read and see more at their site

All pictures comes from their site

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monster Tutorial

This is one of the daily drawings, but I thought I might as well share it now. So grab a pencil and be ready to make some monsters!!

1. Draw a random shape, don't think too much and it's good if the lines isn't too close each other.
2. Find some shapes that you like! This will be the foundation for your monster.

3. Add details to make this random mess into something awesome~ At this point I make details to make it look steady and more "logic"/natural. Add some typical monster details, like horns, sharp teeth and claws and whatever.
4. Start to freshen it up!

5. Add more small details if you want to and then colour.

I wouldn't say this "technique" is unique, but I came up with it when I got sick of all my monsters sort of looked the same. Also I find this super good when I don't know what to draw. Really easy and good way to get your creativity on~

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Early Master Piece

Nice to see I've improved some!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thank you Grandma'!

This weekend I was at my grandparents place in Bollnäs, about 3 hours north of Stockholm. As always it was really nice seeing them along with my cousins, uncles and all the others.
One thing that makes me really happy is when my grandma' shows me things she have made since last time. Her biggest hobby is to paint on porcelain. I've gotten plates and mugs with fun and beautiful paintings on them for as long as I can remember!
Well, last time I visited I had bought a brush for her and now she told me how good it was and shoved me some projects. The latest thing is how to draw realistic roses- hard stuff..! It makes me happy to see that even tho she's old she still goes to classes, learning new things and keeping her creativity going.
And I guess like most other grandmothers (like my other one, on mum's side) she's superb in sewing, knitting and other kinds of craft work in general. Not hard to see where I've gotten some of my inspiration ~

I'm about to move atm. so I'll probably find and photograph some stuff she have made later on!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sharing my Mistakes

I misjudged the time I had for my last task to the Digital Illustration class, so I'm working late with a pictures that I'll not be able to finish /FML
Well, I'm quite happy as long as I don't fail the class..! I didn't know about my internship when I accepted this class and I do believe That is more important than This.

Note to self:
If there is a scheduled- follow it!!


I'm actually really happy with this drawing for different reasons. It sort of sums up what I love drawing! I'm a big sucker for colours and line art and I prefer drawing "happy" pictures. You know, the ones that give you a little smile when you see them~

First of I don't think I've ever drawn three characters in one picture (about time!) before and it was a fun challenge make them work together.
Second thing is that it gives this happy feeling. I miss spring and summer sooo much right now and I wanted to get a small piece of it.. Therefore the happy faces, nice clothes and bright colours!
Third is actually the colours. I got really pleased with the outcome, all the blending and all the different shades actually work together. That's often a problem for me.
And ice creams, don't forget the ice creams..!

This (sort of) sums up how it was made~

Monday, February 4, 2013


January have been one of those boring months when work has taken a big part of my daily picture project.. But hey, whatever! I'm getting some money and here are some pictures that I'm able to share, ENJOY~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Random

A cute little animation I just found!

Firstly I like this since the style and nice animation, but also for the "message" that is so well put without being too obvious~