Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Uuuh.. School is eating up all my energy so I haven't made anything worth showing here on the blog! But I won't complain, school is azum and I like the autumn (tho it has rained all day today..), hopefully it'll take a while before the winter gets here!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alma Löv

Yesterday me and my classmates took a trip to the fabulous Alma Löv!

The whole trip was super fun, and Alma Löv itself was so inspiringly! After that we had looked around I was so pumped up and wanted (and still do!!) to do something big, light and beautiful~
The museum is a collection of around 10-15 houses where artists (tho the most if the art was gone when we visited..) pick their favourite one and then exhibit their art. As a guest you have to walk around a kind of hard terrain outside to visit them, but it contribute to the magic that is Alma Löv!
I now feel like living in an old barn with unmatched windows and big, light rooms XD GAWD, WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW COOL IT WAS THERE!!
Unfortunately Alma Löv is now closing down for good. As I understood it it's mostly because it's too popular! Too many people are coming to visit and with that many people visit Alma Löv "just because".. With that the magic and feeling of the place is dying. I'm really sad that it has ended like that, but I really respect the decision.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010