Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm not that found of making new year-resolutions, but this year I actually had set up a few goals, or maybe wishes is a better word? Well, you know about the challenge to draw one picture a day during 2012! Here are the last pictures and I'm quite happy with most of the ones I put more time into.

And no, spelling is not my strongest side..

Saturday, December 29, 2012


I've noticed that my attitude towards drawing effect it a lot. In the end of November I thought that my drawings was so boring. The reason was of course Bali since I didn't want to spend a lot of time on a drawing while I was there. But the thing is that I had a lot of time drawing, but there was such a big heavy feeling of "I don't want to".
Now in December I told myself that I should make fun, personal and colourful drawings. I've used this sort of attitude before and it works surprisingly well. The drawings in December might be my favourite ones, mostly 'cus I've had fun doing them. I don't think I've spent more time on them, but there's more of 'me' in them which make them easier to make.

Here are some of those kind of pictures since before

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It was way to long ago since I made some stickers! I saw that Eye Rupture had some and then I just had to make my own. Not really season for stickers in Sweden, at least not out door. Since it's cold most things have this sort of layer on it that the sticker paper doesn't like.. Will probably carry these ones around until I find a good spot for them, maybe at a café, bar or whatever.

Monday, December 24, 2012

God Jul

I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas (tho I love most of the food) but I hope that you all will have a great holiday, whatever you choose to calibrate!
Now I'm off to my step brother ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Random

I died a bit! Know this feeling so well hahaha

Some lovely blogs I found recently/hidden in my bookmarks
- e.trithart
- Emily Dahl

Friday, December 21, 2012


Something I think is underrated is sketches. I love looking at sketches, it's like seeing a secret. Fast ones just to get down the idea, but off course also more detailed, "professional" ones.
I often find small notes all around where I keep my stuff, in pockets, in documents on the computer, the phone etc. Sometimes I just end up writing down words/quotes that I hear.
Here are some sort of new sketches that I made to remember and clarify my ideas. 

Patchwork Tutorial

Patchwork is a bunch of fun to make! I love creating with my hands, especially when you can see something build up to a finished piece~
I would encourage anyone and everyone to make one, so here's a simple tutorial of how to make a basic one with square pieces, easy as pie!

What you need:
- A blanket
- Enough fabric to cover the chosen blanket, preferably cotton
- A sewing machine (or a big patience) with thread and all that
- Pin neadles

To think of:
If you want to make some sort of pattern with your patches I would recommend to make a sketch before you start and also to have all the fabric you need before starting! This way you're more unlikely to bump into problems while sewing.

1. Start cutting out your pieces! I would recommend to make them about 10x10cm big, and don't forget to leave about 1cm around the piece. This is to make them hold better after sewing them together. Iron the pieces (or the fabric before cutting them out) so they're easy to work with.

2. Put the nice part of both the pieces facing each other, add nails to hold them together and sew one of the sides together.
 3. To achieve with a patchwork that is straight and also having less problem keeping everything structured, keep sewing the pieces together one direction at the time. Don't forget to iron the folders between the pieces.
4. You'll and up having stripes of patches that you then attach to each other.
5. Now when the whole patchwork is done it's time to make it into a cosy blanket (or whatever you want to accomplice) with the last piece. Nail your patchwork to the blanket, nice side down, and sew it together. When sewing, leave an opening big enough for you to turn the nice side out again. Once you've done that you sew together the opening, by hand or machine.

6. To make the pieces hold together even more you can add small stitches by hand where four patches meet through both the patchwork and the blanket.
Hope you enjoy and that you all get started making nice patchworks!

And yes, I partly did all this just to have a reason making the pictures working in Illustrator..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Random

Love this! It's so colourful, the style is great and so are the animation of it all. My lovely Carmen showed this to me, she actually did some work on it during her internship at Punga!


I love looking up new street art artists, it's so impressive to see art on a big scale and knowing it'll be shared with so many people too see it.
On Facebook I follow the group Street Art Utopia, but I've noticed that its not as giving as following individual artists. The latest one I started to follow is Aryz.
Super impressed by this guys work! Feels like something I've never seen before and fun to see both his big wall paintings and digital drawings.

All pictures is artwork made by Aryz

Finishing Up

Uuurgh, I feel I have no creativity for new projects so right now I'm mostly finishing old ones. I'm soon done with my patch work, but my apartment is crowded atm. so no space for big sewing projects! Another thing I'm finishing of is a drawing for Nidia. She requested this a couple of moths ago and I've been working on it on and off since. It's a gift for some other lucky girl, therefore all you get is small sneak peeks!

All the line art (sort of) is done so I started colouring yesterday. First the base colours and then I need to figure out how the fuck I should shade..

Monday, December 17, 2012


You know what, I have TOTALLY forgotten to share the Bloody Rainbow Facebook-page with you guys!! There you can see what's for sale and maybe some other nice stuff that isn't on the blogity

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miss Atomic Bomb

Remember I had my internship at Partizan? Well, I keep an eye on them since then and recently they released this music video for The Killers' song Miss Atomic Bomb.
I like the style and this is what I had wished for working with during my internship. It might lack some stuff in the animation, but that might just add to the old school feeling and nothing worth putting time and money on for a music video.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to School

I'm so bored not having anything to do while I'm looking for work/internship so I've applied for two courses. Hopefully this will improve my chances getting a job and help me figure out what my goals are.

The first one is Animation, a basic course in high school level. Even tho I went Motion Graphic Design at Hyper Island, I've actually never had a real class in HOW to animate. I think this might be a good foundation for me, and a great opportunity to play around and add things to my portfolio.

The second one is Concept Art. I got a recommendation from Oscar saying it would be really good for me, that there's pretty good job opportunities within the field. I've never had a education in art ether, really, just basic stuff in school. So this might be really fun and challenging + good for work hunting!

If I got it right, both of the classes are "distant" ones, meaning I'll be working from home, not needing to attend the school.
I really really hope to get in to both of these! It's always fun to learn and it was a long time ago I challenged myself in creating something. Wish me good luck!


Still looking for Christmas gifts, or maybe something to put on your own wall? Visit my new Society6 page!
 I started playing around with this one-two days ago so I'm still a n00b, but I've managed to upload some drawings that is now available for sale. Preparing some other drawings so they'll be ready for print, keep your eyes open.
If you're an experienced member I would love to hear what you think about the site! If you have some suggestions or other comments, I would like to hear that as well of course

 My user name is BloodyRainbow, easy to remember!

I'm really eager to use this and browsing around, I've already seen some illustrations I've bumped into before and if I had money I would probably go crazy bananas buying stuff.