Friday, August 31, 2012


This weekend I'm going back to Sunne! I've really missed the place since I've graduated from Broby Grafiska over one year ago. I have a lot of good friends and memories from that place, so it'll be super nice to go back and just have a fun time.
My program was only one year, but the rest at the school is three years. The class Graphic Media Production (Grafisk Medieproduktion) is in their last year now and I'm super excited to see what the people from that class will do! The whole bunch of them is so talented and nice that I think everybody would like to employ them.
Since they started back at school their blog is starting to get updated again. Even if you don't understand Swedish, you'll see a lot of good design and fun activities.

 Pictures from Sunne taking with disposable cameras

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Random

One of the funniest and most awesome stuff I've seen in a while!! It's from the next generation of Motion Graphers at Hyper Island, and I must admit, their presentation video is much cooler then the one my class did..!

Red, orange & brown

I've realized that hair is super fun to paint! It's a challenge, but I like mixing different shades of the colour I'm about to use, getting a structure of the hair and making it look fluffy~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old but Gold

While I was going through some drawers earlier today I found a bunch of old drawings and sketches, one of them was this piece of gold! It was about two years ago since I started this picture and I think it's time to finish it..

I really like this drawing by some reason and it would be a shame if it would never be finished. I've actually been doing all the characters digital, and even coloured some of them, as an attempt of keeping the drawing going. I've done all the characters too small on the original drawing. Since the paper is thick and has some of a texture, it suck up a lot of the colour from my markers! That means in other words that the colour is getting outside of the lines really easy.. And that's the main reason why I stopped working on it and made it digital.

Keeping the flow up

Next up for a bag is Emelie!

Map of London

While I was flickering through the channels on my TV I stubled upon a show named something like "A Tribute to Maps; London". And the reasons why I stopped to watch this was;
  1. It was 1am and I was bored 
  2. Who the fuck would look at a show about maps? 
  3. Who the fuck would MAKE a show about maps?! 
  4. I miss London
Well, it was the end of it but I saw the last 5 minutes of it and it was actually cool. This guy had made his own map of London, full of personal stuff. Of course it had the main attractions like the parks and Big Ben- but whatever!! It's all drawn by hand and it's huge. I'm truly impressed about the details he has put into it.

Not sure this is his official site, but learn more about Steven Walter and the map here.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Give me some music

I don't really have anything fun to update with, but I'm thinking more and more of updating my showreel. I'm sort of ashamed of the one I have now and I WANT TO APPLY FOR WORK!! I need to be sparkling good..! I have some things to put in there, but I need music to put it all together to. You know, it is a lot easier to make an animation fit to music then the other way around..

This is some examples of style I want to have for the music, please hand me some nice music if you have any~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Follow her!

I started follow Helen Green's blog a few weeks ago, and I am not disappointed! She's a really talented artist, updates often and I really like to see both her sketches and finished pieces. I'm impressed by her efficiently making these fabulous portraits..! Mostly she draws Lady Gaga, but since she change her style with both hair and clothes so often it doesn't get boring at all.

All these pictures are made by Helen Green


The bag for Per is now finished! It was really fun making, mostly because he's such an easy person to draw, but also the pattern and mixing of colours. One of the reasons why I stick to, and love, traditional art is the challenge for it. There is no cmd+z and that makes it both awful and fantastic.
Time to start working on the next one~

Outline it is!

I added this small outline to this bag's logo yesterday while I was painting the other bag, waiting for it to dry. I think it matches the front a lot better now

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Logo

The front is done, the logo is on the back and that, ladies and gentlemen, means that the bag for Per is DONE!

Only thing left now is to iron it and hand it to it's new owner.
It's dark now so I'll wait till tomorrow taking pictures of the front, the colours looks best in daylight and but here's a little sneak peek:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back on Track

Yaaay!! I've finally found the pen for my tablet!!
Started to work on this one again directly after I found it~

Top of the World

Hey, look what's finally up on the interwebz!!

I've made the line art animation, at the part where he's rapping~
Rest of the credit goes to Arkuma, Anton and Robin! Keep an eye on our We Wear Sneakers page, it's starting to get some fresh updates.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chibi Evolution

I was looking through some old drawings, nice to see that I've improved..!
I actually think what's been changing the most is how I draw chibis.

This is an illustration of me and Karin I did four years ago

This one will be four years in October

Kept this style for quite a long time, made in October last year
This one you'll remember, from last month

Notice that I often use green, purple, gray and brown in my self portraits? And YES, it IS super fun to draw self portraits!!

The Grumpy King

Remember I did some freelance work at Blink before I moved back to Sweden? The short films has now been published and I was roaring with laughter when I saw them!! I love the style using puppets, the humour in it and it feels great that I had the chance to be a small port of it. Dancing Bear is the one I worked on the most if I remember correctly~

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tricky business

I'm tying to find THE perfect hair colour, a lot harder then expected.. Brown is a tricky colour to mix, at least with the "base colours" that I already have. For now a mix between brown (that I've mixed before), yellow and what I normally use as a light skin colour is what seems best.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's go!

I've finally started working on one of the commissions on bags that I have piled up. This is the sketch I'm following!

Per wanted a bag with himself, so that's what I'm making.
I've made some changes (the note says "shorter arm") and I'm also adding small details while painting. So far I'm happy with the lines and I'm looking forward to the colouring.


Talking about patchwork, some of you may remember the previous ones I've made? I've actually made 3 others!! The first one I made was in school, maybe in 8th grade? I still use it as a bedspread, but it's not so exiting so I won't give you pictures of that!

The second one I made for my first boyfriend on his birthday, he was (and probably still is) a big game nerd. His favourite colour is green so I though this was a perfect gift for him.

This other one my friend Ida, who's also a big fan of games, ordered from me! it was sort of a hell making the pattern right, but in the and I was really happy with it and I still am.

If you want to make one yourself and knows Swedish/understands the pictures, Anna has made an easy guide of how to make patchworks!


Oooh, I'm so exited about the new patchwork I've started on!! I'm trying a new pattern for the patches and now I'm looking for more nice fabrics so I can make fancy combinations~ Think I'll go full out with this sort of flower patterns.

One of my friends is working on her own patchwork and the other one has already finished one, so she helped us with cutting and to pin together pieces.
I really like this sort of things, sitting together and be creative, like my previous entry. It's nice to hang out with people that's in other fun projects or to be in one together.
It reminds me and makes me miss Hyper Island, it was fantastic sitting in a big space where a lot of things was happening! If you wasn't doing anything yourself, you could always go around and look at what the others was doing.

Drawing on the floor

Some time ago (maybe a week or two) I dropped by at Satan vad fräsht!'s apartment. After some fika and lot's of talk Josefine joined us and we began to draw on the floor!

That had done some stuff a few days before I joined

Pernilla had also made some contributions to the paper!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Inspiration

My day have just started, and already I've found two videos that I like! This first one I found on Satan vad fräscht! and it's about the Olympic logo for Rio 2016. It's stuff like these that makes me so impressed and curious about design

The second video I like is from Bobsmade. When I see her do things like this I'm reminded of why I've been following her for so long. I've tried to fill up a whole paper like this some times and it's (at least for me) surprisingly hard to do!
Shit, I would like to have the opportunity and draw on a wall like that..!

Speaking of nothing, I actually dreamt that I did a blogpost tonight!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lana Del Ray makes me procrastinate

Second picture for today- woooh! It's not done and I don't know if I dare to fill in the lines with ink..
Fun to try to be more serious (even tho it's not THAT alike, haha) drawing portraits, I think it's super fun but know I need more practice in it.

The beautiful lady that I'm drawing is Lana Del Ray.
Even tho this is fun, I'm procrastinating sooo much things with this..!! Don't know what that is? Take a look at this video:

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've finally started planing to use my spray-cans for something. Made these two stencils and plan to use them and have some fun this weekend when I get a fancy visitor~

Tested them on my balcony

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm staring to much at the work by Jordan Debney (aka Eye Rupture) so much that I forget to draw myself- this guy is too awesome!!

All pictures are from his site

It makes me extra sad tho, I lost the pen to my tablet two weeks ago so I can't make any digital work now.. FUCK MY LIFE

July 3

See part 1 and explanation here!
(Part 2)

16. Inspiration
This resembles my friends and adventures. I love hearing stories from friends about stupid shit or just talk about things in general- you can learn and experience so much with others!

17. Favourite Plant
 Basilica! Best shit ever, LOVE IT!!
It's pretty, delicious and the smell makes my nose happy.

18. Just a doodle
Wanted to make a face + braids, think it may have turned out a bit more then just a sketch tho..?

 19. Something New
Such a long time ago since I was drawing chibis AND self portraits so I just had to do this!
I have three new tops. The colours on the yellow and green one failed big time, but fun to draw poses and use a lot of colour.

20. Something Orange
This is what happened in my head: Something orange.. I could draw.. Aaany-thiiing in the wooorld..!!
So, I did a house. Inspired by Mumin and Fosters Home.

Random drawings when I didn't want to follow the list.

Fancy shit

I found a page called Stylow quite recently, and I love it!! Its full of beautiful pictures and there's a lot of fun, creative tutorials there as well. Take a look! I've already found a bunch of things I would like to try and make + fabulous inspiring photos.
I  post a lot of my favourites to my We Heart It account.