Saturday, February 25, 2012


On Thursday I finally sat down and finished this bag! I had started on it about two months ago but just left it since I lost my inspiration for painting.. As you may see, it's a French guy! My friend ordered this before any of us knew that I was going to Paris for my internship, a fun little coincidence~

Unfortunately I can't find the pattern for the logo to put on the back.. I'll have to do that when I come back + that she's thinking about adding a speech bubble (that's why there's a lot of space left around him) when she knows what it should say.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Tuesday next week, the 28th of February, I'll be arriving to Paris! I'll be staying there for two months for my internship at Partizan Animation~

 If someone would like to meet up, just send me an e-mail or write it in a comment

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jordan Debney

I saw this video by Jordan Debney and, damn.. I love his line art! And his colouring! All those details makes me crazy!! I want to do that as well..~
I think it's super fun and interesting to watch videos like these, for me it makes the art more "real".

Also, it was a relief for me seeing that he works in Photoshop, before I thought he made all those crazy lines in Illustrator! Personally I don't like doing line art in Illustrator..

Music Video

This is a music video that some of my fellow classmates did during the last module!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MGD12STO Class Reel

This is a reel made with materials from me and my classmates. Most of it is made during our time at Hyper Island, both personal and school projects. Hope you like it!

I'm so proud of my class, I'll miss hanging out with them every day..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday I got a reply from Partizan about my internship. If everything goes right I'll be starting at the Paris office the 5th of March!! I'll be there for two months and after that I'll go to the London office for the rest of my internship period. It all feels unreal and scary, but at the same time really exiting! Now I just have to find a place to live and fix with all details (contract, money, etc.) before I leave~

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For those who's following my blog regularly might remember that I've had an individual task from school the last four weeks. I got in contact with a guy called Stockman, who makes really nice music, and now as my individual task I'm helping him with a new graphic profile. I've made a lot of sketches but so far I've only made one design that's finished. It's still not what he wants, but now I have more directions of what he wants etc., so I'll probably continue working with this after the "school deadline".I hope that both of us will be happy with the result in the end!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sarah and the Seed

I just read this web comic, Sarah and the Seed, and it's super cute and nice! I like it a lot, so I thought I should share it~

The story is written and illustrated by Ryan Andrews. I just noticed that he also have some other nice-looking comics (and other things) on his web page, so I'll take a closer look on his work later.


During this weekend I realized that I won't be able to keep everything I draw a secret until the end of the month. If I do that, I won't have anything to post here on the blog until then! So, I won't post everything the same day as I've made it, but I'll probably do it with the kind of projects I have more to say about.
Like these sketches I made this weekend! They are sketches to a game-inspired video me and my boyfriend is working on. It'll only be a few seconds long, but we'll make it look awesome~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personal Project

So, this "Personal Project" I've been talking about for a while.. Now it's time to reveal it!

I'll do one picture a day for one year

Well, actually it's not a big deal, but I wanted to try it out for one month before I made it public~
The reason for this is not to make awesome shit, it's to have a good foundation to make awesome shit! To have a routine and draw one thing/day will make me not loose my skills (only improve them), try new stuff and experiment with it, learn to draw even tho I don't feel like it or have any creativity and occasionally make drawing I can have in my portfolio.
I'm not sure how I'll present all the drawings, but I think I'll save it for the end of every month.. But I'll experiment and see what's best! Unfortunately this months drawings is not all in hi-res. since scanners is one of an illustrators worst enemies.

These are the pictures made in January:

Class Reel (teaser)!!

This is some motion work made by me and my classmates, mixed projects and styles!

It's moments like these when I realize how awesome my class is..~