Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today I was talking over the phone with Partizan, the production company where I've been applying for my internship. It sounded like they want me to do a lot of stuff if it ends up with me spending my time with them, so I'm really happy for that! Also, for making that work, I may spend my time both at the London and Paris office~ So far it all sounds good, but I'll know more as soon as they have more to tell me.

And since I'm so happy for this good news, I'll give you a sneak preview of my personal project that I'll start pasting tomorrow!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


So, eeeh.. London haven't called me yet so.. Yeah.. No news..
But while I'm waiting to have something to tell, here's a list! Yes, a list with stuff about myself. I thought that it may be a bit interesting since this blog isn't so much about me, but more about my work.
Anyway, read it or skip it!

I was ten years old and in school, doing fun stuff with no meaning (as children should to) and using a lot of colourful pens.


I was doing pretty much the same thing, but in Sunne instead of Stockholm. Looking for internship, going to school and hanging out with people from school.
Also- trying to make cool shit!


From what I've heard from the international students, we have a LOT of sweets here in Sweden.. Since you probably won't know any of them it's not worth naming them! But I do like chocolate and sour snacks + I'm not that into chips~


Eeeh.. I'm not sure if I would know them without music, but it would probably be something by Mest, Avenged Sevenfold and some Swedish songs.

Buy a LOT of cool things that would make drawing even more fun, travel, buy a sweeeeet apartment, make others happy and eat good food all the time..!

I'm pretty bad at cleaning-stuff- like doing the dishes etc., I often push things forward so that I in the end have a lot more shit I need to do, I think to much about simple stuff, I give my work to much bad critique and I often don't eat breakfast.

When I choose to be alone and do things like drawing or reading, take long walks, make others happy with little effort (give them a fast drawing, say something silly etc.), make pastry and cuddle!!

Wow.. There's a lot of things I can't see myself wearing, but probably would if it's fun enough! Like an "Hawaii-outfit", a dress made of meat, morph-suit, a dress with long sleeves and nothing else but body paint..!

My pens, tablet, computer, bike and disposable camera(s).

I took this from Bokkei, so there's no problem to use this list yourself~

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

London Calling

Tomorrow I'll get a call from London considering internship!! And, well.. I just can't help myself from posting this!!

Pleas wish me good luck~


It's irritating not being able to share and blog about what I'm doing right now.. I'm doing a lot of things at the moment but some stuff is confidential and others I just can't put in show or words. But in six days I'll reveal some stuff! I could do it now, but I think it's funnier the more I have to show~

So, in lack of anything to show and/or tell I'll give you a recommendation! I don't think I have talked about this site before, but if I have its worth mentioning again! I absolutely love it + I look for updates on it every day. Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art posts beautiful pictures in all kinds of styles, I find it super fun to get so much variation and high quality work in one place!

And since I'm so boring, I'll give you something fun to look at!
 I made this picture of a friends OC about five years ago, nice to see that I've made some improvements..!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm not sure "showreel" is the correct word for this, but basically it's a collection of some of the work I have made during my time at Hyper Island so far.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Me and my group is on fire!! We are coming up with a lot of ideas at the moment and having a fun time together~

Look at all those post-it's..!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


One of the things I'll start try to do this year is selling my pictures. I'm actually not sure if I have ever sold a picture, so it would be good practice + the pictures I keep myself most often ends up in a folder or a pile somewhere in my room.. I think I'll open some kind of a webshop, but I have no idea of how that works and what it'll cost me. The idea is to upload all high-quality work (digital & traditional drawings, bags, T-shirts etc.) that's just made for fun- that is no work made by order will be for sale there.
Does anyone have experience in this and can help me out? Please send me a e-mail if you know something~

Random sketch of my friend, he's one of those who have encouraged me the most to start making money from the stuff I make so I thought it was fitting~
He's also the one with the most Bloody Rainbow t-shirts!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make people smile!

There is not a lot of stuff going on right now that I feel necessary to blog about. I guess the biggest news is that we have started a new module at Hyper Island where we have real clients with really exciting and fun stuff for us to help with. I'm not sure of how much I can say about the task me and my group of four others have been handed, but yesterday we were out on a trip together looking for inspiration and real life situations related to what we're going to do. We plan to have a lot of fun with a lot of brainstorming and use our creativity to the MAX!! The reason for that is that our client has a.) super duper mega high expectations on us (not joking, so fucking scary but azum) b.) it's our last module at Hyper Island together and c.) what the client wants is super clear: make people happy!
We've also gotten a secound procejt in this module, to work on a project made up by ourselfs. We're going to find write an assignement with a time scedual and bla bla bla all that. I'm not sure what I'll do, but I think I'll do something illustration related. It feels a bit.. dull.. compared to what some other classmates are going to to- music videos for cool Swedish artists for example. But it feels like a good thing for me to do illustrations.. I hope that it will make me more comfortable/secure in my style and what I can create and later use that for other tasks.

This is a preview of a personal project I'm working on, I'll reveal what it is in the beginning of next month

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bare Bones

So.. School kicked of with a big BANG! Matt Lambert joined us for a day and a half and brought his Bare Bones project with him. So, what is Bare Bones..?

"Bare Bones is an self-effacing exercise in free press and publishing.
Funded by it's contributors, Bare Bones is supported by emerging
and established artists, photographers, film makers, writers
and illustrators."

Read more about it here.

We were put together in pairs of two and was given the task to create a black and white, one minute film that was personal and experimental.
I'm not too happy with my work, but I'll try to keep this in mind- to make 1-2days project with no pressure on it more then to experiment and whatever goals I put up myself.
I don't have the video on my computer or uploaded, but me and my working partner filmed two of our classmates and then added some 2D-animation on top of it. 

It felt nice doing something with live action and GOD DAMN I HAVE TO GET MYSELF A NICE CAMERA!! And learn how to use one..

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today the Internet does NOT want to cooperate with me.. I've been trying to upload stuff on both Youtube and Vimeo, I've been trying to look at livestreams, search for places fitting for internship, sending e-mails and having to wait a long time to look at some cool videos. I know, this is all small problems but it's so irritating!!
The thing I tried to upload to Vimeo/Youtube is a screen recorded video of me doing some line art in Photoshop. I'll admit myself defeated and wait until tomorrow when I'm at school to upload it.. But I really hope that my e-mails have gone to the right address and that I'll get some positive answers soon.

Well, here's the finished line art of what the video is all about:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Super slow

Today I feel super slow and unmotivated.. =______= Really irritating when I only have small stuff I need to finish. And realizing that it's already 5pm doesn't make it better! Well, in an attempt to make SOMETHING I started doodling in photoshop and this is what I have made so far. Not sure if I'll make something of it but, eh, nice to improve other skills!

Friday, January 6, 2012


I miss a lot of materials for my application-thingie so today I've mostly been working on trying to put together something I can call a reel. The point of having a reel is to show your work in an quick, effective way. This is also the first time I'm working in Premiere Pro, so I'm learning things!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I now have made 3 of 4 pages of the first aplication-thingie! I'm still working on it so maybe I'll have more pages done by the end of the day.

This is page #2:

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The third and last one is DONE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to Hyper

I'm back at Hyper Island, working on my aplication-thingie. I'll try to have at lest one of these done before school starts so that I can begin sending them out.