Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoy #2

It's super nice here in Sweden right now, so I'm outside hanging with friends every time I get a chance! And soon me and my brother will visit our relatives. What I want to say with this is that I haven't done anything worth showing in a while and it'll take some more time before that happens..
And as I did last time I wrote something like this, I'll recommend some other cool sites for you~

1. David M. Busán
I found this dude just a couple of days ago, but I really like his style

2. Fishbones
A comic that I'm following eagerly! I like the style and think that it's well done

3. Little Love Monster
Wonderful (and fun!) drawings and comics

4. Rithuset
I want to work with these guys. They are azum. Megasuperazum.

5. Highlights
A nice recommendation for you who live in Sweden

6. Mr. Buffalo
SUPER NICE STUFF!! Love his stuff, especially the short animations

That's it for now! I hope that you all have a nice time and hopefully I have some cool stuff to share with you soon~

Yes, I tried to make a photo look cool. No, I didn't succeed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Candy Land 1.2

While I was making this bag I was recording it and I soon hope to shorten it down and upload it. But for now After Effects won't work with me.. T___T

SPX 11

A while ago I was at Stockholm SPX (a comic convention) helping Kartago. While I was there I took the opportunity to buy two nice books (witch I honestly haven't read yet..) even tho I couldn't reaaally afford it~

The first one is by Mattias Adolfsson and it's sooo azuuum!! I love his style and OMG ALL THE DETAILS! @____@ Look him up- NOW!!

The other book I bought was THIS ONE:

I.. I just had to buy it.. I mean, come on..! Zombies!! Also, if you bought the book you would get a picture of yourself as a zombie, drawn by Jimmy Wallin~ I really really like it and hope to find a nice place for it on my wall.. OuO

He asked if he cold take a picture for his blog and, well, sure he could! Hahaha I didn't think about looking it up until now..
Yes. I do look like a dork.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I really like this dude, so I decided to do him digital as well!! OuO
I haven't drawn in a while, neither digital or traditional, and personally I think it shows - nooot so good.. But hopefully I'll start drawing more now that I have no school and too much free time.

I didn't think about scanning the first sketches but here is a little guide to how this picture was made:At first I did a traditional drawing and then scanned, enlarged, printed, changed and traced it on sticker paper (therefore the low quality). After that I scanned it again and drew new line art in Photoshop (I wanted to do it in Illustator, but it bitched..) and put some base colour to it. I might not use the shades later, but I wanted to try and use it since it was a too long time ago I used my lovely tablet~

Blood and rainbows

This picture reminds me of one of the reasons why I go under the name Bloody Rainbow~
Rainbows are something innocent and "cute" (in this case; chibis) and blood is related to morbid and horrifying stuff (in this case; weapons), and I think that a big mix of all that resembles me and the stuff I do pretty well tho I wish I would mix them more often!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jag ritar

For some time ago I got so tired of my old "business cards" that I eventually stopped using them.. For the moment I now use my stickers with only my blogsite as information - not so good!
Here is two fast sketches of a new design, the idea is that I'll write on ALL of the cards by hand~
Which design do you prefer?

*"Jag ritar" is Swedish for "I draw"

Less is more

I have some really nice sketchbooks that I sometimes use to write down and doodle ideas in. But what do I use for the most part? Yes, folded A4 papers that I (for most of the time) keep in the back pocket of my pants.

It might seem to be a bit of a waste, but that's what's works for me! But when I stumble upon one of the sketchbooks I often spend some time looking thro the pages in them, smiling and getting inspired by old notes, adding some quotes or think "Why did I save that?!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lots of shit!

A lot of shit has been going on lately so, here, have some pictures!

I have made some new bags

I have got my old room back, so this is how my workspace looks like now!

I have started a new little project, to draw all my Facebook friends as chibis~

Me and my class has now graduated from Broby Grafiska, Cross Media Creator

While in Sunne for our graduation, we had a lot of fun with friends! It was a couple of crazy, fun and inspiring days!

My internet went down, so I made thisss


I made this picture just hours before my internet went down..

Things I like!

And, to finnish it all of, I'll tell you the biggest news HERE and NOW:
I'll be studying Motion Graphics with this lovely lady!!