Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm at school now.. working on my stuff for Hyper Island (LoL I feel like a traitor!).. it's going quite well.. buuut.. now I'm taking a break!

Since I have nothing cool I've made recently to share with you guys I'll recommend some blogs and Tumbler accounts! I have thought about it several times before, but somehow I never did it.. DERP. As you might find out, most of them are Swedish and not all of them are related to artsy fartsy stufff.. ENJOY!

1. Underbara Clara
OMG, I just love her style and attitude! A really cool chick with a fancy taste for decorating~

2. Bokkei
Another really azum chick! I just love everything she does.. She can work magic (and make me super jealous) with those markers and make some other really cool paintings.

3. Zappa Blamma
This blog is one of the funniest I know!! I love his style, it's really cool that he can make so much with so little.

4. My Rolling Star
Another very talented person, especially when it comes to line art and markers~

5. Shitxfaced
Seriously, this blog is fuckt up.

6. Kippery
One of my favourite artist at deviantART as well, but these days I prefer her Tumbler. It's cool to see her drawings, but I especially enjoy to see were she gets her inspiration from- SO many lovely pictures..!

I follow some more as well, but for now this is my top six!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last summer I got myself this azum artbook loaded with beautiful stuff, I can really recommend it! Honestly, I think it's one of the best things I have ever bought! It feels just great to have all that beauty and inspiration in my hands..
A big bonus about the book is that all the money that the selling of the book makes goes to this charity organization~

The book is put together by Katie Ryan and you can read more about it here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mac + Scanner = Fail

My scanner doesn't work with my new computer so that's why the pictures are so shitty!

Okay, so.. this is like the only decent new thing I have drawn lately! Nothing speciall about it at all, but it felt great doing something new.. Hopefully I'll give it some more colour but if I know myself right I won't bother it any more

"WTF is this shit u n00b?" you may wonder now, but this is going to be something BIG and AZUM! Yes, really!! In fact, it's the first prototype for my exam project. I'll write more about it when I have more to write About, but in short terms: I'll gather a lot of creative ppl related to my school and make a deck of cards/a gallery in pocket size~

This is the start of something big and azum as well! I'll try and apply for Hyper Island this year again!! I got in last year but I choose Broby Grafiska (the school I'm am at atm.) instead, but this year all all my focus is on Hyper Island. It would be so azum to go there so I hope to make something really good! Wish me luck ^u^

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chibi x 16

Friday, March 4, 2011

Undescribable love

I.. I just have to say this!..!


So, why this declaration of love? Well.. I'm not sure for how long I have read the manga One Piece, maybe five years? A shitlong time anyway! But STILL it itches in my fingers when I get a brand new manga in my hands, I STILL visit the stores website regulary to see when the next manga comes out, I STILL laugh like an idiot at the stupid and silly jokes in it, I can STILL spend hours looking through the books for details and azum character designs etc. etc.!!
Damn, if I had that power with my drawings I could die happy. Just think about it! It's all made up, but still there is such a strong relation to both the art, characters and story! It just dazzles my mind..