Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thursday, May 26, 2011

I like stufff...

I just really like stickers.. And the name Bloody Rainbow.. And my logo/font for it.. And diamonds.. And colours..

Why is it that everything turns out to be so much better when it's on sticker paper?!

And in a lack of other interesting stuff in my life, I have started to grow an garlic!! It's actually surprisingly fun to do. It grows really fast and looks pretty cute imo.~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good frustration

Something that I really hate, but at the same time like, is when I have a lot of inspiration and energy but still can't pull that thumb out and MAKE something. It's really frustrating, but still, it's a great feeling getting inspired all the time, even from the smallest things~
Right now I'm watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory and gaaawd, IT'S SO AZUM THAT I HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING - YES, SERIOUSLY!! Another great inspiration source is Kartago (where I do my internship), I see a lot of things in a "cartoon format" now. For example, if I do something I can start thinking "How could I draw this in four pictures?"
Music is a really good place for inspiration now as well, like this song;

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Mac?

One of those I lived at during my time in Sunne got a huge hamburger sticker (another one got a hot dog in the same since!) since he asked so nicely ^u^

This is from the first time I prited, but eralier today (see previous post) I finally got one of the printers to start, unfortunally it was the one who's unable to cut things.. So I have a looot of stickers to cut out by hand now.. Yaaay =____=


In a few hours I'm leaving Sunne for some weeks again, and next time I'm here it'll be my last time in a looong time since I'll graduate then ;____;
Right now I'm at school, desperately trying to print some last stickers- BUT NONE OF THE PRINTERS WANTS TO COOPERATE WITH ME RIGHT NOW!! And I'm all alone, so no one can help me.. *sob sob* Well, I have printed some stickers already, but they are not cut out so I'll have to do that by hand, and that both takes time and hurts.
Well well, here is pictures of the printers, I WILL miss them.. Lucky for me I have some SUPER COOL FRIENDS that may be willing to print and then send some stickers for me~

Posters, Tekniska museet

Even tho I didn't get such a good critique for my stuff I thought that I should upload the potters and logo that I did.

The assignment was to create a new design for Tekniska Museet (The Technological Museum) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm working with some fun stuff at school now and one of my inspiration sources is blueprints. I think they are really cool and full of nice-looking stuff! Just look at these two that I found:

I'm redoing parts of them in Illustrator so that I can use them for two posters~