Thursday, May 31, 2012

That dude- again

About two weeks ago I got the chance to work with David Wilson, a director (and more) who's work I like a lot! He visited Hyper Island and talked to my class moths ago, and he's one of the few speakers I remember well and started to talk to after the lecture.
Now he has more fantastic work and I'm just so happy I got the chance to work on one of them. Honestly I didn't do that much, but it's good experience and I feel more secure in my work.
The work is not finished yet, but should be up on the web soon~ Until that, I recommend you to view his other work!

Night and Day

This could be one of the most random and coolest music videos of all time!!

I love it, love it, love it! It has such a good timing with the music and everything looks good and you never get bored and the music is good and I want to make stuff like this and ASDFGHJ!!
Just awesome.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Talking about Jan and projects, do you remember these previous ones we've done together?

You can see more of this projects and when it was made here and there

Not sure if this one goes under the term project, but it's a 3D model of a sketch I did

Wasting time efficiently

Today I've been doing fun stuff! I don't have any work at my internship at the moment, so instead of just sitting around doing nothing I'm doing this at the moment:

This is a couple of sketches for my friend Jan. He asked me about two weeks ago if I was interested taking part in his upcoming project and I didn't even have to think before I said YES!
He have asked me to draw characters for this project that he'll then use as references and build up and later animate in 3D. One of my favourite things EVER in character design so this fits me perfect and its good training.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Have I told you about this comic before? Well, if I have, it's worth mentioning again!!

The name of it is SAKANA (written and drawn by Mad) and it's about this dude and his brother, working at the worlds largest fish market. May not sound thaaaat interesting, but shit is random and fun and the comic is well done!! I really like the style and the story isn't too complicated but still interesting enough to keep you reading and follow it. I've been following it for some time now and I recommend you to do the same~

Friday, May 25, 2012

What do you expect?

So, at the beginning of my internship at the Paris office of Partizan I was helping the director Bo Mirosseni putting together a treatment for his latest project. It was fun working with but I'm still wondering what people might have thought if they got a look at my screen while I was looking for reference pictures..
Take a look at the finished piece and you'll get an idea of the pictures I was looking for!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All alone (almost)

Yesterday I graduated from Hyper Island! I've been having three fantastic days here in Stockholm with about half of my classmates (those who could join us) and a magical ten months with my whole class!!
It feels strange not being a class any more, and I'll miss that sooo much.. But now I'll have friends and colleagues all around the world, and that's noting to feel sad about! I'm so impressed with them all and I'll be so mad at myself if I don't take time and talk, visit, work or think of them!
MGD12STO, I love you guys

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painfull inspiration

I save so much pictures on my computer for inspiration, a year ago I saved around 50 pictures a week.. I still save a lot but I've learned that if you save too much it'll just get lost and a lot of things will lose their "creativeness". Now I've started to use We Heart It more, to save stuff that is inspiring but not inspiration for my drawing/style. Of course you get inspiration from everything, but some things just feels better to put in another place, can't really explain it..~


On my account you'll find all these pictures, a lot of cute guys, delicious looking food and interior design.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Hyper Sect

A week ago I was at a Hyper Island (my school) Meet up here in London, a really nice sort of event and I'm looking forward to more of them! I started talking to some current and examine students from Hyper and some of them took a look in my sketchbook. One of the guys told me he would like a chibi portrait of himself since he have had thoughts about it for a long time and he liked my style. So yesterday when I didn't have much to do at my internship, I started to draw him a little chibi~ I like the result and it seems like he likes it as well!
I made him some different clothes to choose from, but this is my personal favourite

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playing around with ink!

Today me and two other guys have been playing around some with ink! I really like to work when you can (or maybe HAVE to) do test stuff away from the computer. Sure, I've been looking at some videos on YouTube but it's so much more fun doing it yourself- even tho the result might not turn out as good. We for example didn't have a big bowl or tank to drop the ink in (so it could swim around more freely). But doing things yourself makes you understand it more; "Oh, we have to use more ink", "it has to have more force in it". Also by doing things by yourself makes you discover new things that you may have not thought of before.
Bla bla bla, here's still pictures of some of my favourites!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brain Power

I'm trying to make something nice and fun, been doing so much animation lately that my brain is not functioning properly any more. Might also be because I've slept bad sine I arrived to London and yesterday it smacked me in the face.. Anyway, drawing things following a picture is quite relaxing and doesn't need that much brain power as animation!

Friday, May 11, 2012


So this is basically what I've been up to at Partizan this first week in London!
They're about to do an animation about a squid and asked me to play around and try different types of movement for it. This is the one I'm most happy about for the moment.


Same project, test of how to animate ink


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving around

I'm in London now and I've started my internship and everything is going quite well! Only thing is that I don't want to be logged into any of my blogs or Facebook when at the office and I'm living at my friends place at the moment where internet isn't the best, therefor the silence.
At least I'll be done with (almost) all the music-video-cell-animation-things-and-stuff today, and that means I have to start drawing proper things again~

Random picture from my first visit in London

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tim Burton

This Thursday I left my internship early to go look at the Tim Burton exhibition here in Paris. I've been wanting to do it since I arrived to Paris (was a lot of posters around town then) since I see Tim Burton as a MASTER of character design! But when me and Matt tried to go there the queue was two hoers long..!

Anyway, on Thursday it was no line at all and once inside I thought that it was really worth it trying to get in once again. I had no idea that it would so much art by Burton, my expectations was a lot of prop from his films, some nice behind the scenes materials and info about him. Of course, there was those things, but what I enjoyed the most was going around looking at his sketches and drawings. Both personal, school related and for his films.

So, if you're in Paris, like the work of Tim Burton and have some extra cash, go and have a look!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm still behind with uploading all my pictures, but I'm getting there now!!
Here's the pictures from April

And yes, there's a lot less then there should be but as I mentioned before: since I've spent a lot of hours on this project (music-video-cell-animation-thing) I've often counted it as "todays picture".