Monday, March 29, 2010


I came to think about that I haven't put up my e-mail yet!
I can't find a good place to put it here on the blog, so until I find a good spot, here it is;

This is for e-mail ONLY

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just chillin' with my tablet~

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Tonight was Earth Hour and I think I did okay.. :3 My laptop was running on its battery, and I turned all the light off- BUT my mum had the TV on and I joined her some minutes on and of.. I HOPE THAT YOU DID SOMETHING AS WELL!!

Anywayzzz, I painted the pattern I uploaded a few days ago and I think it turned out kind of cool.. XD I MIGHT colour it some day but right now I think it looks cool with just the lines~
Thinking about making more, similar ones since it didn't took me long to paint! But it was a bitch seeing the pattern since the bag is black =___=

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some sketches

Some sketches that I have made between the 17 and 25 (today) of Mars! I don't want to explain all of them, but if you follow the numbers you'll get some short ones of a few~
1. Did him while w8ing for the bus, still don't know where to put his arms..
2. I'm a Harry Potter geek! I was reading the 4th book (on the 5th now..!) when this was made

3. LoL, my mums "boyfriend/husband" has a new dog, a little puppy on 9-10 weeks!! When he jumps his back legs hits the basket so he often ends up looking like this XD

4. I was sitting on the bus when a strange man took the seat next to me.. He was talking on the phone about his drug problems, that the police had been at his place and that he was going into rehab soon- all like it was nothing embarrassing at all! But.. I just fell for him.. XD He had these kind eyes and voice, and his hair was in a nice looking mess.. I hope everything goes well for him *sends my love*
5. Some kind of creatures I came up with today.. >u<
6. I.. I just like him!! OKAY?! I think it's the thin neck and his smile.......


As some of you know, I have had Bloody Rainbow as a school project, and today is the last day for it..!
So, I have been putting together a nice little folder where I have pictures of all the t-shirts I have made and with that picture a short explanation. Also, I have some longer explanations of other stufff...~
Read from left to right to get it right, the t-shirts is sorted so that the first one is first and the last one is at the end..
IF I remember, I'll take a photo of the whole thing (my exhibition in school) tomorrow >u<

Sorry that it's in Swedish, but I'm to lazy to translate it all =___=

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have some plaaans for this one~ TuT


A mix between a Zebra and a Unicorn! Freaky..~

Not my idea, but I was asked to do this- and I enjoyed drawing it.. :3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fancy fancy!

Today I went to get thisss~
I'm SOOO happy with the result! It was totally worth it, both the work and the money.. =u= The print is in vinyl (not sure if it's called that in English as well tho..) and is really tolerant, fancy fancy!!

I hope I'll have money to do more of these ^u^

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something new

Tttryinggg to draw with my left hand!! A real challenge.. D:

Well, I found this;
and thought I cold be a fun thing to waste time with~ I don't think I'll do all of the 100 things tho! ..but who knows..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Skeleton Girl

And so, it is done..!!

I really like this one :3 And one of the most awesome things is that is looks SO mush better on >u<>

I have also, like on the t-shirt before, painted BLOODY RAINBOW on the back~ Nothing special, I think you'll survive without pictures on that!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm also tired and have back pines..

Monday, March 8, 2010


Some things that I have been working on today.. Nothing special, but I like them somehow~

-The top ones I did while listening to The Fashion:

-Vivi is one of my favourite characters from the game Final Fantasy IX, I haven't played it so much, but.. he is just too adorable

-Hanna Is Not A Boys Name is an AWESOME comic by Tessa Stone! *she is my hero..*
I didn't do all what you see on the picture today, but I found it in one of my piles and thought that I should do some lines on it :3
Reed the comic at and look at her other amazing stuff at!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Magical Unicorn

Here is a tutorial of my newest creation!!
Open the picture in another window and read the text along with the pictures~
But remember!! This is just how I do it.. O__O

1. Clean up and enlarge the sketch
2. Print it and place it an the t-shirt
3. Turn the t-shirt inside-out and make sure that the paper will be still (I use safety pins)
4. Put it on the lightning table and pick a place where to start~
5. For this picture, I chose to start with a white line art just 'cus I didn't want to have a dark..
6. Then just wait for the paint to dry and start to fill the whole thing!! It's a bit tricky with big one-coloured parts.. if the paint gets dry it'll make ugly marks if you paint another layer on it >:
7. Time for the rest of the unicorn..
8. I often start with the skin colour, even if I paint, draw or do something digital!
9. After that I coloured the clothes so that the skin colour would have time to dry
10. And then the face..
11. With everything done on the unicorn/dude it's time for the background,
I started with just some shapes
12. Time for more details!
13. Found some fonts for the text I wanted to have~
14. Same thing, enlarge and print, put it under the t-shirt on the lightning table..
15. Yessss..
16. Some more work with the background
17. Ops! I forget the shoe~ I also changed the colour on the shirt..
18. I was starting with the test BLOODY RAINBOW on the back and THIS happened..!
19. I measured out the middle of the text and covered the dots with bigger dots
20. And so the back's done as well

I'll show better pictures of the whole thing later :3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For the last four days I have been rocking with my friend Ida!! I lub u dude~
So, on my way to her I did some sketches that I actually fancy.. :3 I hope you like 'em as well~There are 3 pictures in one:
Bucket Warrior
Magical Unicorn