Monday, January 28, 2013

Effective Monday!

Since I have my animation class on Mondays until 12, I get half day off. It fits me good since then I can study for my Graphic Illustration class and whatever I need to spend extra time on. Today I think I used that extra free time very efficiently! Except for doing the dishes and cooking food I've finished my first assignment for the Graphic Illustration class and worked on a freelance job + added something to my wall.
The assignment was to sketch up a book cover for a childrens book about a hedgehog that's travelling the world + a character sketch of him.

And here's a crappy Photo Booth pic of the latest addition to my wall!

I used my spray cans and I do not recommend doing that inside! I still got a head ace even tho I had my door and window open.. And it was quite clumsy since I had to move all my stuff I had beneath it and cover the sealing/sides wit paper.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Random

This looks interesting

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I love unicorns

Since I'm spending Tuesday to Friday, about 8-9h in front of the computer I'm not that exited about going home and spend even more time on digital things. I even have trouble drawing my daily picture since that's what I'm basically doing all day- drawing in Photoshop, to make animations.

Hopefully I'll get used to it soon and start getting more active about updates!!

Here's a quite new favourite from the interwebs I want to share with you, to make this entry less boring..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First day!

My firs day at House of Radon was quite okay, had work the whole day and think it'll look good in the end. Only bad thing is that my computer isn't good enough really.. There is too many (and heavy) files, also I don't have CS6.
Got to borrow a computer and WOAH, first time ever I like a new version of Photoshop?! It feels easy to work in and I like the layout. Apparently it works really well with After Effects as well. Hopefully I'll get it on my own computer soon ~

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pendulum Swing

Today I had my first lesson at the Animation class. As I guessed it is very basic, spent the day listening to what animation is and what the basic thinking/tools you need to use it and also drawing a pendulum animation.The example was with nine frames, I did 21- previous knowledge and drawing skills fuck yeah!!

The teacher seems a bit goofy, but nice and interested in what he is teaching. My class is small and most of the people are in my age, so hopefully we have some knowledge to share with each other.
I guess this is my Monday life for the next two months.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

House of Radon

As you may know, since I've written it before, I'm currently attending two classes; Animation and Graphic Illustration. But this Thursday I also went to visit House of Radon to have a little talk with the head of Animation/Motion. 
 Today I got a reply and they will take me in as an intern until the end of February! I'll work on a project that involves a lot of 2D cell animation and I'm so happy for it! It seems like a great office and I do hope to learn a lot and to get more confident in my work.

Go and take a look at their Instagram if you're curious of how it looks etc.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Adventure Time & Bob's Burgers

I have totally fallen in love with two cartoons! Really happy about it since both of them is in 2D and that inspires me to work more with that, they make me laugh a lot which puts me in a good mood and that also makes it easier to work/draw.
Let's take a closer look at them:

The first one is Adventure Time, a cartoon airing on Cartoon Network and is on it's 5th season. The story is about Jake the dog and Finn the human going on all sorts of adventures!
They are best friends and also brothers, so just like other people in the same situation they fight and argue some times, but then forgives each other and continue with their awesome games and heroic actions.
All the characters are easy to love and I got addicted right away. I love the style it is made in, there's basically no shadows (except in mystical caves and sunsets etc.) and all clean lines. The animation is great and I love looking at how they make Jake move since he's able to do all sorts of things! But one of the things that really impresses me from time to time is the colours. Sometimes I stop to save the backgrounds or effects, characters and monsters just for that.

The other one I just started watching yesterday, but I already love it..! The name of the cartoon is Bob's Burgers and is about a Bob and his family running a hamburger restaurant. So far it is 3 seasons long.

The whole family is really strange (but lovable) and sometimes the things they say is super awkward and aggressive, but that's what makes it. The conversations are gold!
The animation is sort of the same as Adventure Time, flat 2D with no shadows tho the movement is not as well made. I had some problems with the style in the beginning but now I like it, especially the hands and way the moths is animated.

I've started watching the second season now and the animation is better! Really impressed with some stuff actually..]

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fresh Start!

I haven't used my Alpha Brush Markers in a while since I got angry at then, haha.. I thought that most of them had dried out and some how I thought there was no good colours. Well, turns out I was wrong. I've started using them more and more again and yesterday I used them quite a lot for my daily drawing. Fun stuff!
But I stand by my opinion that Copic is a better brand. It's not okay to get dry pencils and for that I'll probably never buy pencils from Alpha again.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Give Me Summer and Colours

When the snow has melted of the trees winter is so boring. It's grey and dark and cold and it makes me tired and boring. Honestly, I hardly don't even leave my apartment any more.
To make it seem a bit better I try to make colourful drawings, and maybe I should make more in the theme of spring and summer.. Like nature, outfits, memories from previous summers etc. Also, drawing ice creams is always fun and colourful!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Monster Wall

Earlier today I finally got some better photos of the wall painting I did. Still not the best, but for that I blame my camera.. At least you can see it properly!
It's quite big and I'm really happy with it, truly!! Would be fun to make it even bigger and with colour next time.

Good Start

HA! I also got accepted for the animation class! And guess what, I already feel like a bad student.. My first animation class collides with my first test in graphic illustration


Thursday, January 3, 2013

King in the North

I finished the wall painting yesterday but the sun does not want to co-operate with me, so it's still too dark to take any good pictures..

In other news, I've been wanting to make some fan art of the books I'm reading atm. This is how my desk looks like today, not too hard to guess what it is I'm reading


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wall WIP

Since I'm moving in two months I thought it would be fun painting some random stuff on my wall. Even tho I'm not done jet I'm regretting that I didn't do this sooner..! It's sooo much fun and I need to pick out more pictures and paint MORE.
It's too dark to take any good pictures, so here's a little peek of it

I'm actually doing this dude, the one to the left

Graphic Illustration

I got accepted for one of the classes I applied for; Graphic Illustration!

I've spend a few hours now ordering books, reading trough introduction PFD's and learning the new website made for the course.
This course is five weeks long and contains quite a lot of reading.. So I still hope to get in to the other ones I applied for~

Another Project Coming to an End

My patchwork is DONE!!

I still need to sew it together with the back side, but all the "patching"-part I finished earlier today. It turned out pretty lovely, and I think it'll look even better when everything is 100% finished.