Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm actually really happy with this drawing for different reasons. It sort of sums up what I love drawing! I'm a big sucker for colours and line art and I prefer drawing "happy" pictures. You know, the ones that give you a little smile when you see them~

First of I don't think I've ever drawn three characters in one picture (about time!) before and it was a fun challenge make them work together.
Second thing is that it gives this happy feeling. I miss spring and summer sooo much right now and I wanted to get a small piece of it.. Therefore the happy faces, nice clothes and bright colours!
Third is actually the colours. I got really pleased with the outcome, all the blending and all the different shades actually work together. That's often a problem for me.
And ice creams, don't forget the ice creams..!

This (sort of) sums up how it was made~

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